Soft Tissue Disorders

We treat a multitude of soft tissue disorders including bursitis, which is an inflammation of the fluid filled sacs that cushion the prominence of the bone (which is usually at the hips). Since the bursas of the prominences are close to the surface, most of these corticosteroid injections are done in the office. This is versus an intraarticular hip injection, which is a deeper injection that would be performed through the groin and would be performed under fluoroscopic x-ray guidance to increase its safety profile. Tendonitis is also treated most commonly with corticosteroid injections. This is commonly seen at the thumb or at the elbow, also known as golfer or tennis elbow. It is secondary to inflammation of the rubber-band-like structures that connect muscle to bone. We also treat ligament laxity of all the joints, commonly the sacroiliac joint of the lower back, if it is assessed by the provider that these areas of discomfort are secondary to ligament laxity or overuse and stretching of the rubber bands that connect bone-to-bone, prolotherapy would then be considered. Please see the section on prolotherapy.

Written and Compiled by:
Sophia Leonard-Burns, PA-C

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